Confronted with the decision to reconnect with a lost love, Damian must decide if he can make his fantastical daydreams a thing of the real world.

old flames poster


A dark comedy about group therapy where the therapist is as lost as the group he leads.


A short dramatic non-linear film that follows three survivors of a high school shooting on the five year anniversary.


A desperate father makes an unimaginable sacrifice in order to save his dying daughter.


Mark desperately tries to clean up for an intimate night with his girlfriend but his attempts are thwarted by a malicious cricket that torments him in the shower.

6001 Bishop boulevard

A young dancer struggles to find joy in her art in a visually experimental music video.

The Stages

An experimental silent short shot on 16 mm film that demonstrates the toll a tragic death of both parents takes on Eliana.

Flip the Switch

A duel over energy and power emerges amongst two professors working late one night.